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Module 3 Solutions is a software development and consultancy company. We bring decades of user requirements analysis, user interface engineering, and software development experience to every application and every project. We deliver products that meet your wants not just your needs. Module 3 Solutions has had considerable direct involvement in the development of the HL7 Stability Reporting standard.

   Introducing eStability Editor

      HL7 XML Stability Report Message Processing Software for Windows

eStability Editor

The introduction of the eStability message will be a change to many companies' submission processes. Change is an ever-present and inescapable reality. As the country tackles healthcare costs, information technology is being used to achieve economic outcomes. The eStability message standard will reduce review times for CMC data, saving both the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA time and money. Change is an inherent part of both our corporate and social cultures. For a group of people that prize stability, especially in their drug products, change can be difficult, but we are here to help.

At Module 3 Solutions, the merging of these two conflicting characteristics - change and stability - defines our approach to bringing you timely and efficient software solutions to ease the transition. We are highly trained professionals in the area of CMC data and information technology, and are preeminently equipped to deal with the challenges and problems of implementing the eStability message standard. Our products are designed to fit into your existing data flow, bring change to stability as an evolution, not a revolution.

Module 3 Solutions provides our customers with timely, vital, and forward-looking products. While the eStability message standard is not yet a requirement for CMC data submissions to the FDA, it will be in the near future. Module 3 Solutions, has closed applications for the beta release of eStability Editor. We are now providing regulatory professionals with a thirty-day trial in order to help them prepare for the upcoming changes in stability data submissions.